How to Connect to Eduroam Wifi - all devices

2. Apple Devices

These instructions are for Apple Devices only. 

For Android or Windows devices, please see pages 1 and 3. 

 You may be able to connect to Eduroam by simply clicking on the connection, and inputting your username (person code or username followed immediately by and your normal college password. If this does not work, follow the instructions below!

After following these instructions, if you have any problems connecting to the Eduroam Wifi Service on your Apple device, please contact IT Services for help.

1. To connect to eduroam on an apple device you will need to connect to the NPTC Guest wifi.

2. Open the settings for your device and click on Wifi then choose NPTC Guest 

3. Click on the eduroam CAT tool link on the Guest wifi page. (Do NOT fill in the form fields - ignore these and go straight to the NPTC eduroam CAT Tool link)

4. Click on the Apple iOS mobile devices link:

5. The installer will then start configuring your device. Once the profile is downloaded click the close button:

6. Return to the settings for your device and 

navigate to the profile section under general settings:

7. Open the Profiles & Device Management section and select the eduroam profile:

8. After selecting the eduroam profile you will see this screen:

9. Click on install. Click on Next.

10. Click on Install again on the next screen:

11. Enter your username with the id that you log into the college systems with in the format “username”

12. Enter your password 

13. You are now connected to the eduroam network:

14. Click on the i (info) icon next to NPTC Guest, then click on Forget this Network and Confirm.

Your device will now always connect to the Eduroam network!

Still having trouble? Try this additional set of instructions!

If you have any problems connecting to the Eduroam Wifi Service on your Apple device, please contact IT Services for help.