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Adding a "Page" Resource


How do I add a page*?


In your moodle course, turn editing on.

Click on Add an Activity or Resource.

Select "Page" from the list of Resources.

Click Add.

Give the page a name and a description if required.

Add the content in the page content box.

Click on Appearance to change the display settings to "In pop-up"

Click Save and Display to see how your page looks.


*Advantages of using the page module rather than the file module include the resource being more accessible (for example to users of mobile devices) and easier to update.

Archive a Course


How do I archive my moodle course?


To archive your moodle course:


Go to the Administration block within the course

Click on edit settings

Add the word Archived to the Title of the course

Change the visible settings from "Show" to "Hide"

Click Save and Display.

Assignment - Create

How do I add an assignment upload area to my course?


To add an assignment upload area:

In your course, turn editing on.

In a topic box, click on "Add an activity or resource".

Choose Assignment and click Add.

Complete the form fields for the assignment.

Click save and return to course.


Completion Progress Block

What is the Completion Progress Block and how do I use it in my Moodle Course?

*The Completion Progress Block is a new version of the Progress Bar that relies entirely on completion. 


The Completion Progress Block is a time-management tool for students.

It visually shows what activities/resources a student is supposed to interact with in a course.

It is colour-coded so students can quickly see what they have and have not completed/viewed.

The block relies on completion settings of activities/resources in the course and when they should be completed by.

Ordering can be based on expected completion times or on the ordering of activities in the course.

There is an Overview page allowing teachers to see the progress of all students in a class, which is helpful for finding students at risk.


Click here to learn how to add the completion progress block to your moodle courses.


Click here to learn how to set completion tracking for the activities in your moodle course.


Completion Tracking

How do I track my learner's progress by using activity completion in my Moodle course?

 Activity completion or completion tracking, lets students see their progress through their Moodle course through the use of checkboxes on the side of activities.

There are two types of checkboxes to help your students: dotted and solid.

The boxes with dotted lines are automatically ticked when a student hits a certain criteria, such as completing a quiz. Whereas the boxes with solid lines can be clicked manually by students to display that they have completed the activity.


To set up activity completion within your Moodle course:

  1. In your Moodle course, click edit settings under the Administration block on the right.
  2. Scroll down to completion tracking and enable it by selecting the yes option.
  3. Click save and display.
  4. With editing turned on, click edit settings next to an activity you want to track and scroll down to Activity Completion.
  5. You can pick between indicating that the activity has been completed manually, or automatically based on a criteria.
  6. Tick the enable checkbox next to the "Expect completed on" date and alter the date if necessary.
  7. Click Save and Return to Course.


NB For other Activities such as Forums, there will be other completion criteria e.g. students must post a certain number of discussions or replies and the activity will only be marked complete when they have done that.


Click here to learn about the Completion Progress Block which you can add to your moodle course as a way for students to easily see their progress on the activities you have asked them to complete.

Course - add new?

How do I create a course on Moodle?


To request a new course on moodle please complete the Moodle Course Request Form on SharePoint.

To find the form, please go to SharePoint, click on Functional Units, then Information & Learning Technology (ILT), and then click on Moodle Course request (Temporary link to the old form).

Course - add Teacher

How do I add a Teacher to my course?


1. Click on users > enrolled users in the Administration box on the left.

2. Click on Enrol Users (button on the far right of the screen)

3. Change the Assign roles option to Teacher

4. Search for the Teacher name in the search box and click search.

5. Click enrol next to the Teacher name.

6. Click Finish enrolling users.



Course - delete

How do I delete a course on Moodle?


To delete a course on moodle please email the ILT Team at with the name and course ID number of the course you would like to be deleted.

(You can find the course ID number at the end of the URL address when you are in the course on Moodle e.g. )

Please ensure that any other Teachers on the course have been informed and have confirmed that they are happy for the course to be deleted.

Course - Hidden

My students can't find my courses - I can see my courses but my students can't?


All new courses on moodle are created as "hidden courses" i.e. not available to students.  Courses which are not available are displayed as greyed out and therefore cannot be seen by students. (This is to prevent students searching for courses and discovering that they are empty.) 

To make courses available to students, tutors need to go to the Administration block within the course, click on edit settings and change the course visibility settings from "Hide" to "Show". Then scroll down and click save and display.

Course - remove teacher

I no longer teach on a course, how do I remove myself as a teacher?


To unenrol as a teacher on a course, go to the course Administration box then click on users > enrolled users then select the delete option next to your name on the far right.

You can also remove other Teachers from a course using the same method outlined above - just select the delete option next to the Teacher name to remove that Teacher from the course. 

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