Important advice from the University of South Wales


Students holding conditional (C) or unconditional (U) university offers for September 2017 entry may have to respond to their offers before the next decline by default (DBD) date taking place this Thursday 8th June 2017.


You can check whether the DBD date affects you by logging into your account on UCAS Track. You can respond to any offers you may be holding through the UCAS Track portal.


If you have any questions about your application or offers to the University of South Wales please get in touch with their team online or by calling 03455 76 77 78.


Please Note: Students that have offers which decline by default (DBD) still have 1 week to reverse their offers, but this has to be done by contacting UCAS directly.

Last modified: Thursday, 8 June 2017, 10:05 AM