Contemporary child

Aims of the module:

  • To foster a detailed and critically reasoned understanding of the relationship between the state and the family through comparison of various models.
  • To foster student understanding of the dimensions of the nurturing environment and its impact on the health, welfare and development of children and implications of this understanding for professional practice.

Growing Child

The module aim is to:

  • Integrate ideas /issues relating to vulnerability in childhood and to analyse the impact on the developing child.
  • Explore the role of the multidisciplinary team in relation to identifying vulnerability and ensuring the safety of the developing child
  • Identify and critically analyse factors that promote the health and wellbeing of the developing child.
  • Apply child and family centred theories to the practice of working in partnership within a multidisciplinary context.

Learning Child

Aims of the Module:

  • To enable to student to gain a reasoned understanding of the Educational Entitlement of young children and its implementation.
  • To facilitate the student in critically appraising the concepts of how to implement the education aims of early childhood and factors influencing this implementation.
  • To critically evaluate the role of various factors, agencies and alternative methods of learning / education on the education of a pupil.
  • Critically evaluate research methods used in ‘child education’ within the United Kingdom.