Within this section you will find course information including the programme handbook, timetable and assessment schedule.


Aim: To develop the student's an understanding of the importance of communication within the social care and childcare workplace

Aim: To provide studenst with an understanding of current social or child care issue and the influence of the media and social networking in driving forward these issues.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of the module the student will be able to

  • Demonstrate an awreness of a current social or child care issue and consider a range of contibuatory factors(negotiated with tutoer)
  • Produce a literature review of their research findings.

Assessment: Powerpoint presentation 50% (15mins) equivelency 2000 words (outcome 1) Literture review 50% (outcome 2) 2000 words

Aims of the module:

To help students develop their study skills in order to be successful on Higher Education programmes and as undergraduates. The study skills needed for higher education are ultimately gained through studying at that level; they evolve and mature through practice, trial and error, feedback from others and student reflection. This module aims to provide students with the underlying study strategies that can accelerate that learning process.  Students will be encouraged to develop a reflective, active, positive approach to learning, and to take responsibility for their own learning.  Such skills promote a deeper understanding of the topics studied throughout the programme; they support lifelong learning, and are the transferable skills desired in the employment context.


Aim: To provide students with the opportunity to reflect on and develop their work based practice enhancing their personal and professional development