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    Student Union Elections 2020

    The Student Union elections voting is NOW OPEN  - your chance to vote in your Student Union officers!

    Any questions? Email 

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      How to vote

      All NPTC Group students can vote in the Student Union elections. You can only vote once, and you cannot change your vote once submitted. Make sure you read the candidate manifestos and vote for who you think the best person for the role is, based on their plans, their experience, and their strengths. The person with the most votes will be offered the role. 

      You can also vote to re-open nominations for any position. This is only to be used if you think that none of the candidates who have put themselves forward are suitable for that role. If "re-open nominations" gets the most votes, the post will remain unfilled.

      Fill out the form below and click "submit" to submit your vote! 

      This year's candidates:

      • Nominees for the role of President: Elliot Aston, and Enzo Bouwer (contested)
      • Nominees for the role of HE Officer: Dafydd Humphreys and John Young (contested)
      • Nominee for the role of Marketing Officer: Eve Price 
      • Nominees for the role of Equality & Diversity Officer: Rhys Evans, Kayleigh Oxley, and Riyad Uddin (contested)
      • Nominee for the role of Education Officer: Joshua Davies-Williams withdrawn
      • Nominee for the role of Societies Officer: Adrian Bayliss 
      • Nominees for the role of Neath Campus Officer: Shiloh McKnight
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      Why should I get involved in the Student Union?

      • Make a difference to college life

      • Great experience to put on your CV and make you stand out from the crowd

      • Develop important life skills such as budgeting 

      • Develop workplace skills such as event planning and negotiating

      • Career networking opportunities 

      • Free training opportunities 

      • A supportive and encouraging environment to develop yourself

      • Have fun and meet like-minded people

      The Student Union gives you the opportunity to use your voice to improve college life for your fellow students - if you don’t speak up about what works and what doesn’t work, improvements can’t be made. The Student Union is also an opportunity to make friends and enjoy the diverse and vibrant college atmosphere.

      Student Union experience is an excellent way to develop your skills and enhance your CV, making you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. Not only will it enhance your CV and UCAS statement, it will also give you experience of managing budgets, being creative, showing determination, working to deadlines and running a campaign. You will meet new people and be part of project management, and learn new skills. The Student Union is supported by the Senior Student Involvement and Diversity Officer, who will work with you to provide you with the training and guidance you need to succeed.

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        How to apply

        Want to stand for election for the Student Union? Here's what you need to do:

        1. Download a nomination form from the link below. Choose the position you want to run for and fill in your details.
        2. You will need 2 students to support your application by electronically signing your nomination form (these are called the Proposer and the Seconder)
        3. Read and sign the Officer Self Nomination Form and Election Code of Conduct. Email to 

        Please note: due to coronavirus hygiene measures, this year we will not be accepting paper nomination forms - all forms must be sent via email


        Monday 14th September: nominations open

        Friday 16 October: deadline to submit nominations

        Monday 19th - Friday 23rd October: voting week

        Monday 26 October: results announced and winners informed. 

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        Manifesto guidelines

        What is a manifesto?

        A manifesto tells people why you want to represent them and why they should vote for you; it sets out your ideas and plans. Your manifesto needs to say why you think you would be a good elected representative and what you would do if elected. All manifestos will be uploaded to Moodle for students to read.

        Why do I need to write a manifesto?

        • It helps convince students to vote for you.
        • It sets students’ expectations of what you’re hoping to achieve.
        • It helps sets your priorities for the year ahead.
        • It helps staff support you in your role.

        Top tips for writing a good manifesto:

        • Start with what you want to change
        • Make sure your plans are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound)
        • Describe the benefits of your ideas
        • Use clear language and grammar/spell-check
        • Use a photo of yourself so people know what you look like
        • Stay focused – don’t waffle to fill space
        • Don’t talk about your opponents
        • Talk about your strengths that make you a good candidate for the role
        • Talk about your relevant experience such as working with the Student Union or clubs/societies in the past.

        Ideas for what to include in your manifesto

        Need some inspiration for your manifesto? Take a look at previous manifestos below.


        Encourage students to vote for you in the elections by campaigning. You can either print out your manifesto, or design a poster for your campaign, and put these up around your campus. The poster must include your name, the position you are applying for, and the Student Union logo. You are entitled to 20 free copies of your manifesto and 25 free copies of a poster (A4) printed by Student Services Staff. You are also allowed any reasonable method of promotion at your own expense. All candidates will be displayed on Moodle. Word of Mouth is free promotion! Be careful when using social media, remember to protect yourself, your image and other students.