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    This is a big shout out to ALL staff across the NPTC Group of Colleges!
    Whether you are teaching staff or support staff, full time or part time...
    keep an eye out for Countdown emails from the ILT Team.
    YOU can participate in the upcoming Blended Learning competition, and win a prize!

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    You already know all about Blended Learning....
    See the content of the first countdown email above!

    But WHY should I do Blended Learning? What's the advantages for me or my students?

    Watch this video to see the possible benefits...

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    You already know all about Blended Learning…

    See the content of the first two emails above!


    But what will the Students make of it?


    Did you know that some staff during the 2016/17 academic year have been piloting Blended Learning with their students? As part of this pilot, feedback was gathered from some of the participating NPTC Group students through focus group sessions.

    Here’s some of their comments:

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    You already know all about Blended Learning…

    See the content of the first three emails above!

    Blended Learning sounding interesting?

     It’s something that will be rolled out across the college very soon!
    An aspirational target for 2017/18 is that 100% of Level 3 courses,
    and 50% of Level 2, will have a Blended Learning Element!
    Blended Learning will be featured in the planned INSET day on 10th July.

    Plus, our Blended Learning Competition will officially be announced next week!

    Get ahead! Register your interest TODAY!

    Before you do….have a think about the following:

    Within which area or course do you want to start using Blended Learning?
    How will you use it with your students? Flipped learning? Homework? Complementary work?
    Do you want to concentrate on a particular Unit to start with? A topic? A project? An element that spreads across your entire course? A marketing idea? Chance a process for students completely?

     Once you have a few ideas, complete the following form, and a member of the ILT Team will get in touch with you to help get you started!

     Click here to register your interest!

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    (1!) Blast off! Win an iPad Mini!

    You already know all about Blended Learning…

    See the content of the first four emails above!


    Win an iPad Mini!


    If you haven’t already, register your interest in Blended Learning now!

    Have an idea on how you want to use Blended Learning before you fill in the form.

    A member of the ILT Team will get in touch!

    So how do you win?

    Rules and Instructions:

    • Over the Summer set up a Blended Learning element on a Moodle course. The ILT Team will help you with this – register your interest above!
    • In September we will send you all a link so you can nominate your Moodle course with its BL element for the competition. Your course must be nominated before October half term.
    • Your BL element MUST be used with students between September and November ’17, and there needs to be evidence of this on your Moodle course.
    • The competition will close on 1st December, with winners announced on 15th December.
    • Best use of Blended Learning will win an iPad Mini in time for Christmas! There will also be smaller prizes for other highly commended entries.
    • Remember, this is open to EVERYONE, not just teaching staff! So Support Staff, get inventive!
    • Teaching Staff – all FT Level 3 courses, and 50% FT Level 2 courses are expected to try to add an element of Blended Learning to their course next academic year anyway – so why not have a go and win something in the process?

    Feel free to contact the ILT Team on if you have any questions!

    Good luck!